The clever way to cater this Christmas

If you are hosting a Christmas party this year there are ways to cleverly cater to guests while enjoying your Christmas rather than slaving over the hot stove, so to speak. Being surrounded by family and friends should be cherished with the flow of cold drinks, delicious food and conversation, as Christmas only comes around once a year.

Innovations Catering can help take the stress out of Christmas lunch or dinner this year with their range of affordable Christmas Catering options.

How to make your Christmas Day feast easy with Catering

Having your Christmas catered for will enable you to prepare as much of the Christmas details in advance like, decorations, table settings and sorting the drinks with ice for our hot Aussie Christmas.

It’s always during this period of time when you need to use your fridge space wisely.

Christmas lunch or dinner doesn’t start with cooking. It’s about fighting for a parking spot at your local supermarket during the busiest time of year. Sourcing fresh produce is just the beginning.

What if you had options for someone to take care of your Christmas lunch? from sourcing the food, all the way through to the preparation. It would be a lot merrier!

Types of Christmas Catering

buffet catering perthInnovations Catering are happy to provide catering for your Christmas in the form of Mixed Platters
Both hot and cold varieties are available like freshly made sushi, wraps, quiches, rice paper rolls, antipasto platters and skewers.

Savoury and Sweet platter options for Christmas are up for grabs along with a variety of Buffet menu options. Side dishes like Roast vegetables, all sourced, chopped and seasoned, ready for drop off Christmas eve. All you have to do is serve them up yourself, taking most of the credit.

Fire up the BBQ and let us help prepare your Christmas barbie with dishes that will make guests lick their lips.

But it doesn’t end there, do you also have a sweet tooth?

We can take care of your Christmas desserts as well.  Opt for something freshly made from our platters of assorted slices and cakes or a choose from a selection of Christmas sweet treats, that will keep your nan content.
Our mixed platter options also cater to gluten free and vegetarian, using fresh ingredients and festive flavours.

With only a few weeks to go until Christmas, it’s not too late. Call Innovations Catering today to have a chat about all our catering menu options for your Christmas.